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So.. a friend of mine points out that there is a quite decent (and very similar) LJ knockoff called, and it has the added bonuses of being a bit easier to navigate and not being housed on Russian servers. Plus, the terms of service are in English and not Russian, which they are on Livejournal, so no surprises there.

Is anyone interested in checking that out with me?

I signed up as krackenpixie and may go ahead and start importing my posts over there.

Let me know what you think.

EDIT: Dreamwidth also has a convenient Livejournal import feature that will bring all your posts and settings from Livejournal to Dreamwidth. This makes the switch pretty freakin' simple.
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All of our plants went to their big boy pots today - 15 gal each, except for one 10 gal, just to see if we can do it with just 10 gallons of dirt. Anyway, they are all looking pretty healthy, and the addition of mass to the room will increase humidity dramatically, so maybe I won't have to spray the plants four times a day. Or maybe I just do that because I'm neurotic. They are supposed to be at 50% humidity (and 76 degrees), though, and we have a very hard time reaching that in our basement. In fact, our basement is both too cold and too dry - which is why we created the grow room. Well, that and the fact that when it starts to bloom, NO LIGHT can hit the plant during it's nighttime dark phases, or it will stop the bloom. So by creating a small room, we're able to be pretty sure that we won't accidentally light them up at some point. Cuz.. bummer.

Anyway, the plants are back to looking tiny, even though the largest one is 9 inches tall! But I imagine they will begin to grow like... well.. weed, now that they are in their big pots. They all have healthy roots, so wish us luck!

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So, I didn't post yesterday. I'm fighting off an illness, and may actually have nearly done it. I had a sore throat, warm chest and extreme lethargy all day yesterday, and I felt like I'd wake up this morning with a full-blown, snot waterfall of a cold, but... still tired, but sore throat is less and warmth in my lungs appears to have disappeared. Yay me, if I just fought off the rhinovirus. Fighting rhinos is hard work.

Probably the biggest news to report is that we'll be re-potting our marijuana later today. It's a little nerve-wracking because I always think I'm going to traumatize the plants when I mess with them. Hah. But it'll be fine, I'm sure. I'm also going to go ahead and plant my poppies (orientalis is a bulb! who knew?) and my deep purple gladiolas out front and help Law build a gate for his little garden plot he's put out in the back yard this year because he's jealous of the one I built last year. :)

It wouldn't be wrong to clean my room, either. I think there's a crusty oatmeal bowl under the bed somewhere, and that's not typical for me. I usually keep my space pretty clean. Of course, if that bowl isn't under my bed, I'm going to be very curious as to its whereabouts. Brownies? Naughty elves? A cat that likes to hide things? (that would be Lolly, though Salome was a champion hider of things. of course, Salome liked to hide them specifically in my bed, which isn't very hidey when you think about it)

And that's pretty much going to be my day, I think.

Anyway, here's some art I found that I like - I have a digital puzzle program on my tablet that lets me turn them into puzzles. Fun times. So that's one reason I collect digital art. But anyway, here's a couple I found recently.

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Just spoke to my brother in law about Trump. He voted for Trump. He says he's happy about the way things are going and that his tax dollars should not have to go to paying for someone else's food stamps.

I handed the phone to Law and tried not to kill myself.

jeezuspleezus. fuck this planet and everyone on it.
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Today was my last day of temp work at my friend's potica bakery. While the experience was a little humbling (or maybe a lot), I will still miss it. It was an interesting experience, and earning money again was kind of fun. Still, I won't miss getting up at 6am. For someone like me, whose natural sleeping time is 3am to 9am, getting up at 6 can be a little brutal.

And now I must go clean up cat vomit. So glad to be home.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] avatar42 !!! I hope it's a great one!
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So... is it good news or bad news when no one calls you back about your x-rays? Got'em last Friday morning, told not to expect a call until Monday. No one called. I called them this morning, no one called back. Now because of the holiday, I probably won't hear anything until next week.  So I hope there's nothing too urgent going on in my guts.

And this is but one reason why I hate doctors. Fuckers.


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